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WIDE> > > WIDE PHOTO : download print artwork as zip archive (5.4Mb) < < <

caption: Sophisticated "electro lounge" sounds from Barcelona group, Misnoma. 

photo credit: james bligh.


D MISNOMA4: click images for 3072x2048 high qualify JPG (1.5mb)

caption: Mestizo Pop and Video Art, "en directo", from Barcelona quartet, Misnoma. 

photo credit: james bligh.

BIG PICS : more hi-res live performance images on this page


> > > TALL PHOTO : download artwork (2.5Mb) < < <

caption: Ayesha and Misnoma offer their live "electrolounge" sound.

photo credit: James Bligh.


> > > TALL2 PHOTO : download artwork (5Mb) < < <

caption: From lounge , dance, and world flavours, live with Ayesha and Misnoma.

photo credit: james bligh.

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